6 Bag Quarterly Subscription

Not sure which flavor is for you? Pick up a 4 bag sampler pack and enjoy a bag of each one of our signature flavors. Each sampler comes with 1 bag of each flavor.

Hawaiian Style: This Hawaiian BBQ style flavor is marinated with fresh Pineapple and Orange Juice to create the sweetest flavor we have to offer. 

Original: The crisp, smoky, peppery deliciousness of our Original jerky is a perfect blend of flavors that satisfies the taste buds of every jerky lover. 

OG Spicy: Each piece starts out with a classic Original flavor, but ends with some heat that will satisfy those jerky lovers with a knack for spicy foods.

Garliyaki: Garliyaki jerky has a perfect balance of sweet and savory teriyaki sauce with a hint of garlic kick to make your mouth water for another piece. 


The U.S. HOTSHOTS ASSOCIATION is an organization with a specific mission: to support, promote, protect, and preserve all Hotshot Crews and Hotshot Crewmembers — current, former, and future. Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the U.S. Hotshot program, committed to mentorship, and intended to support of special and dire needs, the USHA has also formed with an intent to directly influence innovation and advancement across the major quarters of Wildland Fire culture, policy, and operations: Safety, Leadership, Suppression, and Management.

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Matt Landis

Matt is born and raised in Long Beach, CA and this is his fourth fire season. Matt's dedication to firefighting and helping Chudabeef is what led us to setting up this raffle. Matt became a firefighter to be a part of the solution and help out in the best way possible - especially during fire season. Matt enjoys the outdoors and being in a dynamic high stress situation so being able to bring both of these into his work life is super special. 

Matt started with Flagstaff (AZ) Fire Department then moved to Payson helitack on a type 3 helicopter. Last year he was on the Angeles helitack and this year he is on the Fox helitack. 

In his free time you catch him sailing to Catalina with his brother or ordering a special and a schooner at Joe Jost's (LB's oldest bar).