About Chudabeef


We started Chudabeef because we believed we could make a better jerky. It all began in our kitchen. We tirelessly tested recipes and sourced the very best ingredients to create a distinctive jerky. Our jerky is made of 100% USDA Choice beef which makes it superior in taste and texture. No preservatives and no B.S. It goes without saying — this is not your usual jerky. We have high standards and we know our customers do too. Once you try Chudabeef, you may never want another jerky again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Our Story


Kevin took his hobby and love of making beef jerky and started selling it at a local farmers in Long Beach, CA 


After a successful kickstarter campaign in 2014 we were able to partner with a co-packer in 2015. This allowed us to scale production and keep up with the demand of local retailers in Southern California


Chudabeef can be found online and in over 2500 grocery stores across the country

A video about the journey

Our kickstarter from 2014