March 20, 2016

Make your favorite home made pizza in 9 steps! Add a little flair to your homemade pizza by sprinkling OG Spicy on top.

For this pie you'll need...
- OG Spicy or Garliayki Jerky
- Pizza dough
- Pizza sauce
- Garlic
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Fresh Basil
- Flour

- Baking stone
- Roller 
- Grill
- Spatula

Step 1: Roll out dough and place onto a pizza tray

Step 2: Spread garlic on dough

Step 3: Add sauce

Step 4: Pick fresh basil

Step 5: Add basil and cheese

Step 6: Add more cheese and top with jerky

Step 7: Transfer pizza to baking stone on grill (make sure you preheat the stone). It might be easier to make the pizza on the stone if you can do it quickly :)

Step 8: Bake for about 10-12 minutes or as desired

Step 9: Pop beers, add lemon or lime, cut pizza into a few slices and ENJOY!

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